Les Folies Jarretières Qc

Since 2015 our mission is to make you discover the art of Burlesque and Vaudeville in the old capital.

"Les Folies Gartiers" (Funny Burlesque Cabaret) are adult shows that bring together circus performers, singers, dancers and other art forms as dazzling as each other. Not to mention the dish of resistance that is burlesque itself!

it is theatrical striptease that can be humorous, sexy, engaged and / or simply sensual, performed by women in full possession of their femininity as well as by men who have also the sense of the spectacle and seduction.

Let yourself be charmed by the most original and entertaining evening in town that will make you discover a new facet of yourself 😉
It is an ideal evening to spend with friends (es), but especially as a couple. The Folies Garters - Cabaret Burlesque, are the perfect opportunity to put in beauty in a spirit of class and seduction.
Ladies and Gentlemen, to your sexy adornments and your tuxes! Let's celebrate together, in the glamor and charm of Burlesque!

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