Burlesque Portfolio

Welcome to Lexxi's burlesque portfolio. You will find videos, images and description of all of her acts. 
PLEASE NOTE: Almost all her acts can be done with a bra instead of pasties , if needed.

This is a classic, cabaret-style act. It's naughty and fun, all adrned in a gorgeous, red, fringe suit.


MUSIC : When You're Good to Mama — Chicago

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This is a classic, traditional burlesque number. It culminates in a dramatic finale that includes giant fans.

MUSIC : Pink Pussycat — The Del Reys

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Group number - 2 women 4 men

The queen is carried out to the stage by her four strongest and most handsome guards. She is met by her beautiful attendants and what precedes is a dance of flirtation and desire. The sensuality erupts in a delicious finale, as a cascade of cream drips down her ebony skin.

MUSIC : Original piece — Laurence Deshaies

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Available in group or solo number
Inspired from the film 50 shades of Gray, this number proposes the question, what if Mr. Gray was a woman! Learn what it's like to be caught up in Lexxi's rope game. By the end I'm sure you'll be "whipped" into shape. "Earned it / The Weeknd" mixed with more rock'n roll song.

MUSIC : Earned It — The Weeknd

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This is the perfect touch for an evening with a darker, more sinister feel about it, such as Halloween. This number is inspired by old southern mysticism and includes some of it's more delicious tropes, such as knife-stripping, candlelight and witchcraft. All of this is perfectly accompanied by equally dark and languid southern rock.

MUSIC : Various

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Goddess of the Elements

Group number - 2 women 2 men

This number is a grand melange of concepts inspired from our most divine selves. It is a group choreography that includes Isis wings and gigantic feather plumes. It is the birth of a goddess set to music inspired by the entire world

MUSIC : Various

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