The Foxy Lexxi

Prepare to fall under the sensual spell of The Foxy Lexxi. This beautiful, ebony, bombshell from Montreal will charm you with her exquisite elegance and captivating charisma. Her presence has graced stages and theaters all over the world and she has performed with several legendary burlesque icons.


She is currently the reigning Queen of Miss Viva Las Vegas 2018, a renowned las Vegas burlesque competition of top level performers that happens every year in Las Vegas. Her burlesque pedigree has to be seen to be truly appreciated, but there is NO mistaking it. Her sizzling numbers will enflame rooms and her cruel curves and mesmerizing looks will set your night on fire.


In addition to her amazing burlesque career, she is a modern pin-up with a very unique and versatile style. In publications around the world, she constantly shows how she can go from classic pin-up to femme fatale to latex-clad, dominatrix with the same effortless glamour and strength.

Currently, she is based in Quebec City, Canada, where, night after night, she brings her flamboyant, top-tier burlesque, making her a guiding force in the old capital. She organizes parties and sexy events that will transport you into her colourful world. All you have to do is surrender.